Vegas or Bust!

As my brief introductory post states I used have something now I have nothing. I went from Prada to nada. But as Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor” explains being a millionaire is a mindset and with the right habits you can rebuild wealth regardless the number of times you lose it. I am familiar with the required qualities and habits to skyrocket to that 1% of America. After losing everything but my ass I have to learn that it wasn’t those material objects that made me happy. It what was left that brought me true happiness. I write in past tense not because it has ceased to bring me happiness but because it’s been lost. “It”  being my family, my husband and three beautiful children.  As irony rears its ugly head, I now need money to get my family back . My husband is in jail in Arizona with a $10,000 bail (cash surety) and a fully furnished 4-bedroom home with all the age appropriate items necessary for each child. There’s my husband’s pension we receive every month despite the amount it still does not cover a family of five, much less the lifestyle that my husband and children enjoy. So it’s game time!

Right now, I am by myself in this venture. First step, is bust hubby out. Okay maybe not bust but bail him out. I need $10,000 or $1,100, a job, plus collateral that is worth $10k. After my firecracker, my fuel, my breath of life aka my partner in crime is out we will take the world by storm and get our children back! After setting up shop in another beautiful home our eldest, will come live with us. The three of us were an awesome bunch, unstoppable with Irish twin #1 and complete with Irish twin #2.

So with my crazy friend Dylan in tote we embark on an adventure and pursuit not for the American Dream but for the real dream. The dream of financial freedom, endless cash, a high-end lifestyle and everything we want at our fingertips or just a call away.

To reach that elusive often fleeting dream we must leave this one-horse town we call Albuquerque to a place with more money and more opportunity. A little place I call “Vegas, baby!!”.  Of course, we are going to make a quick stop in Phoenix, Arizona to visit my jail bird and hopes of bailing my honey out. Realistically, without his parents’ help it will be a visit, make some money then back to reunite with my twin flame.


AND FOR ALL YOU BURQUE HATERZ KISS MY A$$………wpid-img_20140531_221812.jpg





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