Our Break From Burque On Delay, New Member Coming!

If you want to make God laugh make a plan. If you want to make yourself laugh go to Walmart on Saturday afternoon.

Life has thrown Dylan and I a curveball. For some strange, odd reason Avis, can not run my friend’s card twice to charge the crazy $200 deposit required to rent the car for our trip. The money is there but it’s some lame nonsensical reason they can’t run it again to cover the hidden, understated, sneaky, read between the lines of the fine print surprise $200 fee. We were advised to cancel and remake the reservation.  How does that help anything? Or make sense? Or how does that work out when this unfortunate reservation was “won” through bidding via sucky Priceline?? Yeah, I emphasize on the SUCK when referring to Priceline. I forgot what a crappy company priceline is because, although I don’t remember exactly    my bad experience it’s easy to forget and cconfused when you see William Shatner coupled with catchy jingle , “Priceline negotiator”. One can lose sight of a negative incident when a former celebrity and an unforgettable jingle invades the air waves and mind.

Captain Kirk would’ve never stood for such atrocities.  It’s called Priceline because you’re caught up in a line because they played you on your vulnerability and sensitivity to price. Or because you joined in on a line of fools that got scammed on price. Shame on you Shatner! Shame on you! It’s all your fault!! I digress…..

Okay, so Shatner has nothing to do with Priceline’s unscrupulous policies that cheat customers out of their hard earned cash. But by underplaying pertinent details such as a $200 or an unforseen, nonsense restriction on running a card twice was misleading,  dishonest which delayed our trip. On top of all the sketchy rules and regs, there if course was no solution for the customer, that being us. Dylan was unable to cancel and remake the reservation as crappy Avis ill advised my friend  However, she wasbgranted a refund (surprise, surprise) BUT…ha ha. ..get this. . She wouldn’t receive it til one business day later (this of course was on a weekend) so i wouldn’t be til Tuesday and then she was told her bank, Wells Fargo would probably take an additional 3-5 business days to fund back. WELLS FARGO,  that’s another company that sucks the big one.  YOU SUCK AVIS, PRICELINE,  AND WELLS FARGO!!!  THANKS FOR NOTHING YOU LOUSY SONS OF $/^&#$/!!!!

Okay, I digress again.Sorry but I had to get that out and warn all you unsuspecting schmucks. Everything happens for a reason…..and everything has its silver lining. …..in this case, Beau!!!!

Our friend, Beau is joining our venture outside New Mexico to make it in the big city, well another city. Or city period, Albuquerque is hardly a city but a one rat hole town. It’s been downgraded from a obe-horse town by the way.

Beau is the coolest, most coveted friend anyone could want. Although, he’d be the perfect catch for any awesome single femalr out there he is not for the ladies. With all disappointment aside,  his kind personality and non-attraction to women is the perfect combo for a girl’s most perfect friend. He has the best of all world’s. He is the perfect dichotomy of feminity and masculinity.  Guys usually make better friends because they do not possess the cattiness, vindictiveness, calculating, devious,  manipulative traits many females have but with one major caveat,  they want ti sleep with you. The sex part is what often defeats the highly sought after yet mythical platonic female -male relationship. So, with our dear friend Beau he is all that encompasses what a best guy friend is without the desire to have sex with us. Jealous already??

So, as Dylan, Beau and I set forth our quest for money,  fame and our name in lights….okay well not exactly….more accurately to break from old Burque living toward something more meaningful and substantial. All three of us have a common goal but very different agendas or motivation. We are in search for something better. Maybe we are running away from love, forgetting a love, in search of a new love it us LOVE that is driving and brought us here today.

Let the crazy, restless, reckless, no holds barred, hazy, blacked out nights begin!! Let us find what we are looking for and not for trouble or venereal diseases to find us!!

See ya Burque! We still love ya!! But for our haterz……with much love kiss our asses!!!!

Yours always,
Roxy, Dylan and Beau


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