Venture to AZ Delayed

As luck would have it again….there had been a delay in my trip to Phoenix.  My ride, my cohort DW has gone ahead with Beau to AZ then to NV. But things happen for a reason. When one door shuts hitting your ass on the way out a much better one is waiting for you to open.

As fate would have it another door is awaiting me. Instead of  riding shot gun with one of my few gal pals, DW (DeeDub or DeeDubYa as I call her at times) I am hitching a ride with a new friend, Jayjay.

Jayjay and I serendipitously met through DW at her place. Although Jayjay and his best bud were originally there for other purposes, they inevitably fell victim to my friendly demeanor,  charm, brilliance and my allaround magnetism. Like with any encounter with Roxy, an instant, inevitable, but in this case accidental friendship was formed, i.e. the creation of JayRoxx*.

As lovely as any female dou may be, like, um,trying to think of some dynamic or successful, famous female pairing as a point if reference here. Well, making my argument even stronger there really isn’t any outstanding or positive about two women, especially two alpha females trying to create a seamless,  effective partnership.  It goes against nature really. You need your Yin to go with your Yang, so you can go wangchung tonight (80s reference alert). DeeRoxx JayRoxx is hitting the road to Phoenix. Females are jealous, catty, vindictive creatures by nature and many red flags were popping up like pusy zits on an ance-ridden teenager. The ill-fated partnership must be dissolved before an awesome friendship is harmed or destroyed.

To avoid the yelling, hair-pulling, crying and mood swings BeauDee would leave then JayRoxx a little bit later. Two females in closed quarters in extreme proximity only leads to fantasizing (in some cases actualizing) the other as a chalk lining on the floor. Balance must be restored,  homeostasis, the statusquo for the world to be right or all humanity would cease to exist as we know it.

Stay tuned folks for the crazy, zany, wiley misadventures leading up and to my trip to Arizona, land of the fascist and conservative……

Love always,  hugz & kissez my peeps,


P.S. You will be missed. We will meet once again…..


*June 2014, the creation and cohesion of the platonic male-female partnership in combining dual forces of Roxy and Jayjay, thus named JayRoxx. Although, often imitated but never
duplucated there is only one.


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