VA Appointed Payee Denying Veteran and his Family Money From His Own Hard-earned Pension!


Jennifer Hanson, Decades Group LLC, Albuquerque office, 505-345-5529; and VA appointed payee mishandling funds and denying a Veteran’s family money they need to survive.

Many Veterans rely on the benefits they have earned by dedicating their lives, commiting their time and along with sacrifices such as time lost from family that they can never get back, the physical wear and tear on their bodies, the stress, PTSD and mental anguish they endure on duty. The harsh detrimental events Veterans sustain does not only affect them while serving but long after they finish rendering many of them permanently disabled. Has America forgotten those disabled Vets that were once strong willed, strong minded and full of life? Do they serve no purpose now because they have been rendered physically and/or mentally disabled? Is it fair, America that these Americans’ gave up everything they had to protect their country only to be tossed aside and forgotten like yesterday’s trash?

It’s a travesty and unjust to deny Disabled Vets of the benefits they so rightfully deserve. No amount of money can bring back those who lost limbs, endured and survived unimaginable bodily harm and mental sacrifice. Those honored Americans can never regain what was lost. To add insult to injury, on top of what they gave up for our freedom they are neglected, forgotten, abused and unheard.

I would like to act as a voice for those Disabled Vets and take a stand for what is right. Not only does this injustice affect what is  near and dear to my heart its a wide-spread problem throughout the United States. Thousands of Americans have fallen victim and subject to negligent and fraudulent acts sanctioned by the VA itself.

On the VA website it claims it is making changes to better serve their Veterans by restructuring the way they operate and communicate in its department. In our experience, not much has changed, if anything it has exacerbated the issue creating a unfathomable nightmare for America’s Vets. This nightmare is the assigning and entrusting a Veteran’s disability pension to a third-party, such as a financial management company. One would be led to believe that these companies, these limited liability corporations would professionally manage, care and have their client, the Veteran’s interest at hand. Shamefully, the opposite is what reigns true for many ill-fated Amercans that are left with no choice but to withstand the misery and abuse many suffer with these unscrupulous companies.

In our family’s case, I regretfully have to detail that we have been wronged and a victim to someone the VA promised we could trust. Our field examiner, Israel Hendricks who swore he had our best interests in mind in his decision to appoint Jennifer Hanson, the unstrustworthy woman who has been mishandling and misappropriating our funds since November of last year. No one can imagine the nightmare this woman has put us and our children through while the VA stood close by ignoring our suffering.

Since that fateful November, we have experienced nothing but abuse, neglect and hateful treatment from Ms. Hanson and her staff. Based on their professional conduct, or lack their of their values to act unethically and fraudently in handling their clients money. They take advantage that their clients comprise of individuals that have no voice of their own and require assistance due to being elderly, mentally or disabled in some way. They lazily mishandle funds, avoiding client face and phone time down to very minimal,    intermittant and inconsistent contact via email. When put on the hot seat or questioned regarding aspect of the account, the staff would dodge communication and have conflicting stories and explanations to the matter at hand.  Jennifer Hanson and accounting member, Nancy Arp would have their secretary, Denise lie and say they were in contstant meetings, out of the office when they felt pressured when questioned. Each time both Ms. Hanson and Ms Arp would change their story each time, and never take accountability when at fault but would shift blame to outside parties such as the bank or even us.

For months we have begged and pleaded with Mr. Hendricks, our local office, our regional office, customer service, and written to a congressional committee for the Department of Veterans Affairs that oversee these issues. But to avail our family’s cries have fallen to deaf ears and uncaring hearts.

The hellish nightmare that Jennifer Hanson, trusted payee from the Albuquerque office of Decades LLC has put our family and most likely other voiceless customers through is not sickening but unlawful. With the help of Americans that care about our Veterans and are willing to take a strong stand then and only then will justice prevail and our story heard.

Stay connected for our detailed and painful story will follow shortly to serve as an sample of what many Veterans are dealing with along with our request for your support.


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