One thing I Don’t Understand About Men

I love men. In fact, I much prefer the company of men to women actually. However, that does not negate the fact there is a little something I don’t understand about the ma species. That is how they have complete disregard, disrespect and an overall lackk of consideration toward others, especially to the female population.

I can go on and on how men think their shit don’t stink and kings and even counter on how woman are evil, vicious, vindictive creatures. I will later and give my two cents on women on a later post. But for the sake of brevity I’m going to focus on a particular way men can just forget that women don’t view sex like they do and there’s proper conduct post sexual encounters with the other sex. I do hope to gain more insight and learn this appaling and confusing behavior by a lot of men.

I don’t understand how a man can sleep with a woman and then introduce another female into the social mix with out the other women or both feeling used and a last resort. In a situation like this, regardless what kind of prior arrangement was made, fellas keep the ladies you are f#@^& apart! No matter what a woman says she is going to feel bad about herself and feel like trash that has been tossed out.

My friend recently experienced such a thoughtless, senseless act today and I was extremely pissed myself. As if it was personally done to me. Well, I have been in her situation but more sadly I have experienced something similar with  my husband. No there wasn’t cheating or anything but I may or may not touch on it on a later date. I want to have a good day and any time I start thinking something my love of my life did that hurt me it turns into a long, pissed off repetitive rant that leaves me feeling stupid, fuming mad and /rejected.

So yeah, why do guys like to intermingle women they are banging?



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