Cowardly With a Chance of Shadeballs

No, this is not the weather forecast or the newest animated movie hitting theatres but it does seem to accurately describe Albuquerque’s social climate.

So what prompted this post? As always there’s something or someone that sets me off and inspiring me to vent to my peeps on my blog. Lately, I’ve been astounded, disappointed, confused just overall just emotionally mixed up from an influx of people’s horrendous behavior recently. I’m in awe and at the same time disgusted by how people treat one another here in Albuquerque. I wish I could say, well actually I’m happy to say that this is not an accurate portrayal of humanity as a whole but a small, insignificant sliver of man kind found in the middle of the desert in New Mexico.

I’m not sure what it is that makes the inhabitants of this small city so miserable, bitter and profoundly hateful toward anyone that is happy with life and themselves. Maybe its boredom or a sense of lack that these individuals are feeling. Sadly, such feelings of insecurity and inferiority are detrimental and even dangerous. It has taken a toll on the community, affecting it in a negative way. In having an inferiority complex toward another person or groups of people leads to prejudice and harmful acts against another human being. Such acts can range from cruel jokes to bullying, which can escalate to mental and physical harm or even death.

Every day I experience or learn of some fucked up thing someone did. I still get surprised and left confused upon knowing about some shit that has happened. You’d think by now I would be used to this kind of living and accept it as norm. But I can’t, especially when these acts don’t sit very well with me and never will because I’m not this way and, fortunately enough not everyone shares those negative sentiments outside this small hell.

So, all I can do is move (which I plan on doing here sometime in the not-so distant future) or in the meantime try to help others see the positive things in their life. I will continue to contribute and give back through random acts of kindness in hopes that others will follow suit. In addition, I will spread the word one-on one with the people I meet and encounter every day as well as globally through my writing on various different platforms online and offline.

It all starts with one person with an idea or ideal they want to share and spread with the world. With perseverance and tenacity that person can touch many others. It will be those others that will get involved and in turn go on to affecting many more people where this ideal will grow exponentially.

So, haters quit your hating! Love yourself and start making better use of your time in enjoying and loving life rather than wasting your energy on tormenting someone else to fill a void or emptiness you feel inside. The answer is not in destroying or sabotaging another person or even yourself but to introspectively focus on the cause of your hateful behavior and change it. Upon bringing this change internally will you see positive change externally in your environment, in how other people treat you and in overall change in how you view the outside world.

Check out and practice the Buddhist way of living and path to lifelong happiness. You can Google and learn effective techniques online, or read books on the topic but I will be providing further resources to reference through my blog. I’ll provide a list of recommended books, websites, and more information in future articles I will write.

My friends, we are on this journey called life and we all want to be happy. We, whether on a conscious or subconscious level are motivated and act on attaining said happiness or bliss. It’s how we act on it that matters. So lets make it matter by being happy and sharing that happiness in a
positive, effective way!



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