Sh!t or get off the Pot! Time to Get these Projects Rolled out!!

It’s a brand new year! 2015 will be……..wait for it…..legendary! I am just quickly dropping a line to all my peeps about new, exciting projects that I am working on and how I can’t wait to share with them all with everyone. I have decided to focus and pursue my art career, which is complimentary to my already-existing professional writing and marketing business. In a couple weeks, be prepared to see all the art pieces I have finished and available for purchase. I am also proud to announce that my sister and I will be opening up a production studio and rolling out a couple of entertaining projects we are sure you will enjoy. One project has been a long awaited animated idea that has been in the works for my sister for years and I’m excited to help produce, and showcase her witty, edgy series that will surely leave you in tears of laughter.

Stay tuned and vigilant the following few weeks for our new, polished websites featuring our new projects and current ones that we are so diligently creating for your entertainment pleasure.

I’ve also taken on a challenge of a “a doodle a day” or a drawing a day to keep the creative and artistic juices flowing daily, which will all be in part of my magnus opus or at the very least inspire a few masterpieces. My daily doodles will be featured on my art blog and website that will be going live and I’ll be posing the link here in a couple of days. But here’s the first one, which spawned from a simple scribble from a red prismacolor marker on paper from my art journal. I just added a bit of shadowing, highlights and other subtle details. As always, I played around making it into a cautionary Valentine’s Day poster through PicsArt but I have misplaced the file to share :o(

Here’s the original doodle, Day #1.

I call it “empty heart”, I can be a bit of a cynic at times.20150128_180801


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